Wie ein "Elektrosensibler" seine Nachbarin schikanierte (Allgemein)

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Auszug aus: How Arthur Firstenberg Made His Neighbor’s Life A Living Hell

Apparently, in more recent years, Firstenberg has decided to take his battle directly to the individuals who dare to use RF-emitting devices in their own homes. That’s what happened in 2010 when Raphaela Monribot had the misfortune of renting a home next to Arthur Firstenberg. Miss Monribot, a graphic artist, didn’t do anything to cause conflict with her new neighbor other than daring to own a cell phone and a laptop computer.

In fact, Monribot had been acquainted with Firstenberg before moving next to him. She had previously been briefly hired to cook for Firstenberg when she lived in the same area. Apparently, she was also acquainted with the landlord who Firstenberg had bought his home from and who still owned the adjacent home, which is where she took up residence. It seems that the fact that Firstenberg already knew Monribot opened the door for his increasingly invasive requests.

Shortly after moving into her new residence, Firstenberg bagan harrassing Miss Monribot over her use of wireless devices, compact fluorescent lights and dimmer switches ...

"WLAN-Allergiker" verliert Klage gegen Nachbarn
Unternehmer profitieren von subjektiven W-Lan-Ängsten (englisch)

Jedes komplexe Problem hat eine Lösung, die einfach, naheliegend, plausibel – und falsch ist.
– Frei nach Henry Louis Mencken (1880–1956) –

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