FCC-Verordnung verdirbt 5G-Tea-Party in den USA (Allgemein)

H. Lamarr @, München, Dienstag, 16.04.2019, 16:43 (vor 1926 Tagen) @ H. Lamarr

Auch Einsprüche wegen gesundheitlicher Bedenken sollen mit der Verordnung keine Bremswirkung mehr haben können.

Auszug aus techcrunch.com:

While health concerns have bubbled in various municipalities, those concerns are not shared globally. China, through companies like Huawei, is investing billions of dollars to design and build 5G infrastructure, in hopes of stealing the industry crown from the United States, which is the market leader in 4G technologies.

Those competitive concerns have increasingly been a priority at the FCC, where chairman Ajit Pai and his fellow Republican commissioners have pushed hard to overcome local concerns around health and historical preservation. The commission voted earlier this year on new siting rules that would accelerate 5G adoption.

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