SCENIHR, 2015 - Schwarz et al. (2008) ungeeignet (Allgemein)

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Im 2015 publizierten Gutachten Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields des EU-Wissenschaftsausschusses SCENIHR heißt es über Schwarz et al:

As reported in the previous Opinion, Schwarz et al. (2008) found that 24 h exposure of human fibroblasts, but not of lymphocytes, to 1950 MHz, UMTS, at SAR values of 0.05 and 0.1 W/kg, induced a statistically significant increase in DNA damage both in terms of MN frequency and DNA migration (Comet assay). There are several areas of concern about the reported results, including non-credible low standard deviation of reported data, suspiciously low inter-individual differences, indications of data fabrication, inappropriate statistical analysis, and undermined blinding (Lerchl 2009, 2010) This makes the study by Schwarz et al inappropriate for risk assessment. Moreover, in 2013 Speit and co-workers attempted to replicate the induction of micronuclei and DNA migration (alkaline comet assay) in HL-60 cells exposed for 24 h (5 min on/10 min off cycles) to 1800 MHz, CW, at a SAR of 1.3 W/kg. By using the same exposure system and the same experimental protocols as the authors of the original study, they failed to confirm the results. They did not find any explanation for these conflicting results (Speit et al, 2013).

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