"Seawind"-Projekt der EU (2013) (Allgemein)

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Quelle: http://seawind-fp7.eu/deliverables-and-publications/

Auszug aus der "Executive Summary" des "Final Summary Report"

Using carefully controlled in vivo and in vitro experimental systems and approaches, we could not reproduce previously reported induction of DNA damage by mobile phone specific signals. In addition, we found no indication of a direct DNA damaging potential by the newly explored signal modulation used in modern data transfer technologies.
On the basis of our inv estigations, however, we cannot exclude modulation specific interferences as some of our findings provide hints about how EMF may interfere with cellular homeostasis other than by damaging the DNA.

Jedes komplexe Problem hat eine Lösung, die einfach, naheliegend, plausibel – und falsch ist.
– Frei nach Henry Louis Mencken (1880–1956) –


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