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Wenn die Weltgesundheitsorganisation WHO offiziell etwas zu sagen hat, erfolgt dies natürlich in wohlgesetzten Worten. Nur die wirklich Wichtigen werden durch namentliche Nennung „geadelt“. Beim allseits beliebten Thema „Gesundheit und was uns umbringt“ wurde diese Ehre, anlässlich der EXPO 2000 in Hannover (kurz nach dem Start von Reflex), unserem Freund Prof. A. zuteil.

Hut ab, Prof. A. spielt jetzt in einer Liga mit P. P. und I. A.
[Anm. Admin: Die von Teilnehmer sektor3 genannten "Ligaspieler", die in der Weltgeschichte unrühmliche Plätze als Menschenfeinde haben, wurden zur vorsorglichen Vermeidung juristischer Folgen am 09.07.09 um 11:58 unkenntlich gemacht].

It gives me great pleasure to be here with you today. As the world's eyes linger on Hannover and EXPO 2000 to reflect on our past achievements and future challenges in the area of health, I come here to focus your attention and the world beyond to a silent killer that kills one person somewhere in the world every eight seconds.

I am talking about tobacco. Four million dead this year. Ten million dead annually in the 2020s, of which seven out of ten deaths will occur in the developing world. As we look back over the past 100 years and take pride in our myriad advances in the field of arts, science and governance, tobacco looms as a massive failure. This failure will haunt us till we have the political courage to stand up to this man-made public health catastrophe.
Thousands of previously secret documents show how transnational companies and the Association of Cigarette Industries of Germany (the "Verband") struggled with the accumulating evidence that their product killed. Document research showed that:
• German tobacco scientists led by Professor Franz X. Adlkofer. managed to integrate and ingratiate themselves with leading reseachers, academics and government officials. This gave the German tobacco industry the prestige and time to carry out research and the ability to influence policy not just in Germany, but throughout Europe.

• German scientists knew from the start that the true battleground was, and still is, passive smoking. They did everything they could to deny, distort, suppress and finally ignore the overwhelming evidence that passive smoking causes several causes of death and disease in adults and children.

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