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Aus den Minutes of the meeting of the Scientific Policy Committee (SPC)
on 20th June [2000] at VdC in Bonn
(Verband der Cigarettenindustrie)

Dr. Bruckner explained the VdC research structure . Research funds would be available for the VERUM foundation, Munich laboratory, cooperation with external scientists and university faculty support. It is planned to reduce financial support for VERUM to one-third in the medium term . Dr. Bruckner explained that VERUM still has plans for a scientific symposium this year . It was agreed that Prof Prof. A. would report on the activities of the foundation at the next SPC meeting (21 .9.00, Munich) .
Dr. Bruckner also stated that Prof. Mersch-Sundermann will take-up his chair at the University of Trier from the winter term 2000/2001 . The VdC has made I million 'DM available to him for laboratory. equipment . Prof. Mersch-Sundermann will continue his "life-style" research in this faculty . He should have the formal office of Head of the VdC Scientific Department and should participate in the SPC meetings. He should work with the VdC scientific units (Scientific Department and Munich laboratory) as far as is necessary . Prof. Mersch-Sundermann will take part in the SPC meeting for the first time on
21 .9.2000 .

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