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Aus der Einleitung des Berichts des WHO Beraters Norbert Hirschhorn, der am 25.11.99 an die Zigarettenindustrie „durchsickerte“, einen Monat vor dem Start des REFLEX-Studie.

I present here annotations of over 500 tobacco industry documents, along with much supporting material from other sources, that tell a three-decades story of the smoking and health research program sponsored by the members of the Association of Cigarette Industries of Germany ("Verband").
Nonetheless, what is presented in the next 128 pages adequately tells the astonishing story of corrupt science in the service of a deeply flawed product. The selected quotations will astonish even those who have become inured to what has already been discovered, “in their own words."

Beyond the petty squabbles and unpleasant characters, the story can be boiled down to a few essential themes that thread themselves throughout the annotations.
The company scientists had to struggle with the accumulating and on-rushing evidence that theirs is one of the foulest products (in the environmental sense) sold to be taken into human bodies. That struggle was seldom openly or honestly fought.

The German tobacco scientists, led by the wily Professor Franz X. Adlkofer, managed to integrate and ingratiate themselves with leading researchers, academics and government officials; even with some who were strongly anti-tobacco. This gave the German industry the prestige and time to carry out research, and the ability to influence policy not just in Germany but throughout Europe and other continents, even until today.

The German scientists knew from the start that the true battleground was, and still is, passive smoking. Their worry was not so much whether smoking caused disease they knew early on it did but they were obsessed by the evidence that tobacco poisons released into the air could affect the health of nonsmokers; and they did everything they could to deny, distort, suppress, and finally ignore the overwhelming evidence.


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