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charles ⌂ @, Montag, 14.12.2015, 11:13 (vor 3110 Tagen) @ H. Lamarr

Ich hatte mal an Einem folgendes geschrieben am 4 Dezember:
I have read the document, and my conclusion is, that it has a null value.

A number of tests are mentioned, but nowhere can be found what is the threshold of values.
*Functional Tests*: Blood pressure and heart rate
Which value is critical ffor determination if a patient is EHS?

*Laboratory Tests*. A long list, but nowhere can be found what are the guidelines.
It is all very informal.
Mentioned is for instance Vitamin D. How much or how less is critical?
Blood count, Cholesterol, HBA1c, Intracellular ATP, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc.
How much or how less is critical?
Where lies the limiting value in order to determine if somebody is EHS?

One can measure all items, but then what? What to do with these data?

So the aforementioned document has no value at all.

Die Antwort lautete:
Thank you so much for these very important comments I will refer to them in future discussions with the different clinical teams.

Wahrscheinlich ist dies passiert.

Charles Claessens


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