Handystrahlen killen unsere Bienen! (Allgemein)

Capricorn, Sonntag, 15.05.2011, 23:11 (vor 3308 Tagen) @ Kuddel

Kuddel, Ihre These scheitert schon daran, dass das "worker piping" der Bienen jeweils zeitlich versetzt zum EMF begann (nach ca. 30 Minuten) und aufhörte (nach ca. 3 Minuten) und im Verlauf von Stunden zunahm. Die Einstreuung hingegen wäre immer simultan zum EMF und gleichbleibend während dem EMF!

Zitat aus Favres Studie:

"Sound analysis in the beehive revealed that the bees initially remained calm after the onset of the communication mode, but started to produce sounds that were higher in both frequency and amplitude after about 30 min of communication of the mobile phone handsets. After about 15 additional minutes, the mobile phone handset communication was interrupted. The bees returned to a quiet state after 2 to 3 min, since the frequency and intensity in the hive had returned to the basal values recorded in the beginning of the experiment.
Negative control runs showed that the radio itself did not induce any changes in bee behavior with mobile handsets deactivated.
In order to assess how much time the bees would need to return to a basal sound status after mobile phone communication, experiments were performed by placing in the hive actively communicating mobile phone handsets for prolonged periods of time ranging up to 20 h. Sound analysis revealed that the bees' sound values increased in both the intensity and amplitude ranges throughout the experimental period, as compared to background values prior to onset of the mobile phone communication. In each of the independent experiments, both the sound intensity and the frequency increased about 25 to 40 min after the onset of the mobile phone communication. Twelve hours after the cessation of the mobile phone communication in the hive, the bees were still producing more sound in both intensity and frequency as compared to the initial background mode, suggesting that the behavior of the bees remained perturbed for up to 12 h after the end of a prolonged mobile phone communication."


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