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Hier gibt es mehr Info zu "Supreme Master TV".

Betrieben wird der Sender von "Ching Hai", der Besitzerin einer weltweit agierenden Ladenkette für vegane Restaurants, Mode und Schmuck.

Supreme Master (or "Suma") Ching Hai, (born 12 May 1950), is the spiritual teacher of the Quan Yin Method with an estimated 20,000 followers world wide.[2]
Ching Hai is a poet, painter, musician, self-published writer and entrepreneur who heads the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, a business group with worldwide interests in restaurants, fashion and jewellery design.[3][4] She is known for her philanthropic and humanitarian work,[5] but has been criticised for making allegedly ostentatious displays of generosity as well as self-promotion.[6]
Supreme Master Ching Hai International

Supreme Master Ching Hai International is the corporate entity behind Guanyin Famen / Quan Yin Method. It is affiliated with World Peace Media, Oceans of Love Entertainment, Supreme Master Television, and several cable television series, all groups and businesses established by Ching Hai. Her organisation runs a string of vegetarian restaurants around the world, some of which sell her merchandise.


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