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I happen to come across the "Slesin./.Leszczynski" thread and would like to correct a couple of Dariusz's misapprehensions about the Microwave News item
on his criticism of the epi studies of cell phone tumor risks.

Dariusz writes that I search for conspiracies everywhere. What conspiracies? I don’t know what he is talking about. Conspiracy theories are completely irrelevant here. I was simply pointing out that I don't agree with Dariusz that the Hardell and Interphone analyses are so biased as to be essentially worthless.

Why is any of this news? Because, as Dariusz proudly states on his blog page,
he has been invited to be a member of the IARC panel that will meet in May to advise the world on possible RF-cancer risks. Those epi data, which Dariusz dismisses, will be the key factors in the panel's evaluation.

It is common knowledge that the Ahlbom-Feychting no-risk team is at war with the Hardell team. Each group will be represented at the IARC meeting in Lyon. No one should doubt that there will be a struggle for primacy. What is not clear is why Dariusz feels the need to take sides now.

As for Dariusz being offended by my use of the word "garbage," he shouldn't take it so personally. As I have already explained to him privately I was referring to a well-established phrase (GIGO--garbage in, garbage out), which is in common enough to be listed in most dictionaries and even has its own Wikipedia page.,_Garbage_Out

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Editor, Microwave News,
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