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Welcome to this forum, Dariusz. We're always interested to get a firsthand view behind the scenes. But I'm surprised, you're obviously able to trace our discussions in German language :surprised:.

• I am also aware of the composition of the Working Group. It is still not published but, as specified by IARC, it will be published on the Monograph 102 website before the meeting in Lyon.

Good to know.

I am not at liberty to reveal the names before IARC does it itself. However, what I can comment is that, at this point in time and to me, it looks like IARC has done relatively good job because in the Working Group will be represented whole scale of views. There are scientists who consider health effects as unlikely, there are scientists who consider that we have already evidence of the health effects, and there are scientists who think that the scientific evidence is still insufficient to reliably support either of the above opinions. This is the starting point for the discussions in Lyon. Where the science will lead the Working Group will be seen in a few months time.

From my point of view you're a member of the 3rd group. And I hope there are no scientists invited to the IARC May meeting which are known for their history in tobacco research. Some of the users in this forum are comitted to the suspicion, that tobacco is working in the background in order to place EMF as a biological risk in front of smoking.

• The only and the sole reason for writing this story on my science blog site was the science. I think that I explained sufficiently my reasons for being critical in my blog so I am not repeating it here.

For me your point of view is traceable.

• I think that Louis has gone too far in his search for “conspiracy” everywhere.

Looking back to my own history I understand Louis. Because in the conflict there are so many questions and only a few answers you're looking for methods to fill the gap. In my case this results in a 172,6 ° turnaround. First a anti-EMF activist with technical background in communications engineering I found some years ago my all-inclusive answer for most of the contradictions in hidden business interests and hidden personal advantages of public realised EMF alarmists.

Jedes komplexe Problem hat eine Lösung, die einfach, naheliegend, plausibel – und falsch ist.
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