There is no Reflex scandal, there is only Lerchl scandal (Allgemein)

Dariusz Leszczynski, Dienstag, 16.02.2021, 10:38 (vor 1193 Tagen) @ H. Lamarr

There are no perfect studies. Every study has some errors and mistakes. Every study is possible to make better. This applies also to studies published by the Vienna team of REFLEX project. It is possible to debate science in their studies, to debate quality of studies, to debate scientific reliability of these studies.

Lerchl did not debate science. Lerchl was running amok to prove his own false conviction that Vienna team falsified data. There is no proof of it.

We can agree or disagree on quality of studies published by the Vienna team. But there is no debate whether they falsified data or not. There is no proof of misconduct.

As you said yourself about Lerchl:

"Lerchl's only mistake was to insist that the questionable results of the "Reflex" studies were the product of a forgery. He did not accept the alternative that the results could also be the product of technical errors by the two working groups."

Lerchl mistake was grave. It ruined EMF research of Vienna group and of the whole worldwide community of EMF researchers. Lerchl should be ashamed.

Ashamed should be also his enablers, who did not step in. The list of enablers can be long but I will point out just two. With the permission and the acceptance of German radiation protection agencies, the BfS and the SSK, Lerchl has been acting without science but with malice.

BfS and SSK should explain themselves and apologize for the mistake. Of course they will not do it. But, nevertheless, both BfS and SSK carry the stain of Lerchl's misbehaviour.

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