Conflict of interests of Alexander Lerchl (Allgemein)

H. Lamarr @, München, Montag, 08.02.2021, 21:09 (vor 603 Tagen) @ Dariusz Leszczynski

1. Due to bad-mouthing by Lerchl, MOPHORAD project, that was to continue research of REFLEX, in spite of very good science evaluation marks was not funded. One of the sub-projects of MOPHORAD was my proteomics study.

Do you have evidence for Lerchl's badmouthing of Mophorad? So far, only Franz Adlkofer has spread the claim that Lerchl prevented Mophorad from being funded by the EU, but Adlkofer only claims this without providing any evidence. According to my information, Mophorad was rated well by the EU, but Mobi-Kids was rated better and was therefore awarded the contract. A fairly normal process in competition. The fact that the loser wants to blame Lerchl for this is presumably his "revenge" for the "Reflex" scandal. Without evidence, however, the accusations against Lerchl are no better than the whispers and murmurs from the activist scene.

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