We are the losers - we are the champions (Allgemein)

KlaKla, Dienstag, 09.02.2021, 18:54 (vor 1220 Tagen) @ Dariusz Leszczynski

No, your objection doesn't convince me. What do your fragments change about the fact that partial results of Reflex are subject to scientific misconduct? Nothing.

Your behavior reminds me of that of the ex-tobacco lobbyist. You are the losers and you lash out like angry children.

I would not have accepted Mophorad either, not because of reflex but because of what you can read about the ex-tobacco lobbyists here.

German Tobacco Industry’s Successful Efforts to Maintain Scientific and Political Respectability to Prevent Regulation of Secondhand Smoke

REFLEX: The full Johnston Report (2008) Teil 1

Meine Meinungsäußerung

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