We are the losers - we are the champions (Allgemein)

KlaKla, Donnerstag, 11.02.2021, 07:13 (vor 601 Tagen) @ Dariusz Leszczynski

I don't have to defend Lerchl, he can do that himself if it is important to him. The fact is that the private war that has been waged for many years between the ex-tobacco lobbyist and Lerchl has not changed the negative result (partial results are subject to scientific misconduct). Why not?

Because that's not what the instigators care about. Instead of accepting the negative result, he resorts to proven strategies of distraction and obfuscation. Taking into account the core competence of the instigator, I draw the conclusion that the distraction and fogging primarily serve to devalue, secondly to influence by-passers (darning geese) and thirdly to those who are commercially interested.

I come to this conclusion because I also read carefully the mouthpiece of the instigator.

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