Conflict of interests of Alexander Lerchl (Allgemein)

Dariusz Leszczynski, Montag, 08.02.2021, 17:31 (vor 1198 Tagen)

I just today re-tweeted (@blogBRHP) message from Microwave News and added my comment:

"He [Lerchl] has grant support from #BfS, where are located #ICNIRP offices. He always had support of #telecoms, e.g. #FGF. He is buddy of Mike #Repacholi and together they are science advisors to the Japan/S.Korea "replication" of US #NTP study.
Its #CoI #SCANDAL, but nobody cares."

Here are links to two Microwave News stories on Lerchl, and apparently one more story is in making...


Of course you may ask of my conflict of interest when mentioning Lerchl. Yes, I have two of these CoI:

1. Due to bad-mouthing by Lerchl, MOPHORAD project, that was to continue research of REFLEX, in spite of very good science evaluation marks was not funded. One of the sub-projects of MOPHORAD was my proteomics study.

2. I was proposed for the scientific advisory board of Japan/S.Korea partial replication of US NTP study. However, Repacholi and Lerchl, among others, were chosen.

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