"Reflex" scandal is unfortunately documented in German only (Allgemein)

H. Lamarr @, München, Freitag, 12.02.2021, 01:28 (vor 1218 Tagen) @ Dariusz Leszczynski

You say "partial results are subject to scientific misconduct"?

Nobody got formally charged and convicted with misconduct.
No article was retracted because of misconduct.
The "misconduct" is only in mind of Lerchl.

You, his followers and enablers are like cult...

There is no misconduct as long as some relevant scientific body says so.

Dariusz, your comments show that you are sitting in a filter bubble and are one-sidedly informed. This is probably not a bad intention on your part, but due to your informants. Most of the information about the "Reflex" scandal is only available in German, which to my knowledge you do not speak. Therefore it is very easy to inform yourself (and Louis Slesin) in English only about what your informants like.

Do you know the "Austrian Agency for Research Integrity"? The agency investigated the "Reflex" scandal in 2010, its final report is only available in German. You can find the original in the web archive. The agency found that it could neither confirm nor refute Lerchl's accusation of falsification. This should also be known in your filter bubble. However, the agency also found about the two Viennese "reflex" studies Diem et al. 2005 and Schwarz et al. 2008:

"In all publications, the documentation of the original data and their presentation do not comply with the rules of good scientific practice and thus lack the care that is necessary to be able to comprehend the published results."

This information must not have reached your filter bubble. Nor that the expert witness involved in the recent court ruling confirmed Lerchl's factual concerns and said the two studies were flawed from a mathematical/statistical perspective. That is what Lerchl has also been saying since 2008. And the history of the invariably failed "reflex" replications proves beyond doubt that there is something wrong with the original.

Lerchl's only mistake was to insist that the questionable results of the "Reflex" studies were the product of a forgery. He did not accept the alternative that the results could also be the product of technical errors by the two working groups.

Either way, "Reflex" is scientifically off the table.

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