"Reflex" scandal is unfortunately documented in German only (Allgemein)

e=mc2, Freitag, 12.02.2021, 08:19 (vor 1249 Tagen) @ H. Lamarr

"In all publications, the documentation of the original data and their presentation do not comply with the rules of good scientific practice and thus lack the care that is necessary to be able to comprehend the published results."

It should also be noted that from a technical point of view it was easy to decode the exposure situation in the REFLEX exposure system as described here und confirmed by Kuster. Lack of blinding results in a high risk for experimental bias (be it intentionally or not).
We will probably never know the truth but the obviously biased scientific discussion of the REFLEX results by Adlkofer does not give me a lot of trust.

Fehler, Kuster, Verblindung, IT'IS Foundation

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