George Carlo, Steven Milloy und TASSC (Forschung)

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Early in his career, Milloy worked for a company
called Multinational Business Services, a Washington
lobby shop that Philip Morris described as its “primary
contact” on the issue of secondhand cigarette smoke in
the early 1990s. Later, he became executive director
of The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition
(TASSC), an organization that was covertly created by
Philip Morris for the express purpose of generating
scientific controversy regarding the link between secondhand
smoke and cancer.

Bei "Source Watch" steht auch was zu TASSC, welche Rolle George L. Carlo spielte, aber auch welchen Einfluss TASSC bzw. Philip Morris auf Milloys Seite "Junk Science" hat.

Milloys Ex-Chef Tozzi und seine Firma Multinational Business Services (MBS) waren wirklich bemerkenswert.

Ein Schelm, wer böses dabei denkt.

In studies and reports with such
daunting titles as "Inaccurate
Health Statistics: An Emerging
Threat to the Federal^Budget," and
"E-Code Confusion: The Problem
of Attributing Causation to Remote,
Non-Proximal Events or
Sources," MBS presented itself as a
defender of good science, not tobacco.
In these documents, no reference
was made to the new cod'e's potential
effect on tobacco companies.
Instead, the likely victimlof bogus
data was identified as the federal
government, which "could be exposed
to financial liability for injuries,
such as those that could be
coded as being caused by exposure
to electromagnetic radiation generated
by radar towers," the lobbyists
When OMB last spring sought
public comment on the dispute,
MBS contacted medical groups to
seek support for its position. But
again, the firm was vague as to
whom it represented.

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