Niederländischer Gesundheitsrat sorgt sich um 5G bei 26 GHz (Allgemein)

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[health commision] "...For the majority of other biological processes it has neither been demonstrated nor is it probable that changes in them are associated with exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, although this cannot be excluded..."

[Dariusz] So, the Committee should have made up their mind and decide that either, the effects are indeed "not probable" or that the effects, however, "cannot be excluded". In this sentence they indicate both "yes" and "no" claim.

When i read the first sentence, i see a redundancy in the wording instead of a "YES-NO" contradiction, which Dariusz interprets into it

The message of the first part of the sentence is:
A hazard has not been demonstrated so far and is judged not to be probable.
The message of the last part of the sentence is:
A hazard can not be excluded.

In scientific thinking, "not probable", inherently implies that it cannot be (fully) excluded, because there is a remaining uncertainty.
So from Scientific point of view, the last part of the sentence expresses the same than the first part, only from the opposite point of view.

In science world, "non-existence" cannot be proven at all, but only "existance" can be proven.
To demonstrate a low risk for a potential hazard can only be done via a sufficient number of failed attempts to demontrate a hazardorous effect.
A proof of "not existence" would require infinite failed attempts and so infinite time and effort.

The question is not YES or NO, but if enough effort was spent on the right experiments with the result "fail".


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