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Alexander Lerchl @, Freitag, 27.12.2013, 07:49 (vor 3829 Tagen) @ H. Lamarr

Den folgenden Text hatte ich eingestellt. Er enthält nur bereits publizierte und für jeden Leser nachprüfbare Tatsachen. Warum der Text komplett gelöscht wurde, wurde mir nicht mitgeteilt, das kann noch dauern.

This paper allegedly shows harmful (i.e. DNA damaging) effects of mobile phone radiation on rat and human cells. In three press releases by the Medical University Vienna these data have been called "fabricated", for example see (1, 2). The blinding of the exposure units was easily circumvented by turning a knob on one instrument of the exposure system, this was even described in the manual by the manufacturer (IT´IS foundation) (3). Lerchl and Wilhelm, in 2010, have published a paper which in addition shows that the data by Diem et al. are "too good to be true" for a lot of statistical reasons (4).

The paper by Diem et al., despite the multiple evidences and the fact that the technician responsible (E. Diem, married name Kratochvil) left the University the day after she has been caught red-handed (again fabricating data of the same set used in the publication - see the abovementioned press release) is still not retracted and can be and is cited. This is also due to the fact that the Austrian Commission on Scientific Integrity ruled in 2010 that there was no scientific misconduct despite the fact that “it remained unclear how the published results were derived from the available original data.”(5). In two press releases it was stated that the head of the Commission, Ulrike Beisiegel, ignored statistical expertise (6), and had personal conflicts of interest (7).

Although this paper has been published 8 years ago, it is still viral and should be removed from the scientific literature.

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(4) http://elsarticle.com/18Az55C (free of charge until Jan 31, 2014).
(5) http://www.oeawi.at/downloads/Stellungnahme-der-Kommission-20101126_e.pdf
(6) http://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20101126_OTS0239/fehlerhafte-ermittlungen-bei-der-oesterreichischen-agentur-fuer-wissenschaftliche-integritaet
(7) http://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20110120_OTS0083/schwere-anschuldigungen-gegen-die-oeawi-nach-reflex-gutachten

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