Dariusz Leszczynski noch bis Ende 2013 bei STUK (Allgemein)

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Franz Adlkofer schrieb, STUK habe Dariusz Leszczynski "gefeuert", auf der STUK-Website wird er aber nach wie vor als "Research Professor" geführt. Widersprüche, die nach Klärung rufen. Ich habe Prof. Leszczynski deshalb vor ein paar Stunden um Auskunft gebeten, was denn nun Sache sei. Die Antwort kam prompt und rückt ein schiefes Bild gerade:

Thanks for contacting me. Indeed, some clarification is necessary.

I still work at STUK and my duties were not altered. I continue to be expert in the biological and health effects of non-ionizing radiation with emphasis on RF and UV. This status will continue till the end of 2013. What will happen in 2014 I do not know, yet.

Now, and in the future, STUK needs an expert in RF and UV effects and I expect that, as the most qualified employee at STUK, my employment will continue. However, it seems that my openly expressed unbiased scientific opinions might cause some "tension" and might hamper my plans.

This summer my research projects and plans for further research on the effects of RF have been terminated. I was also not allowed to apply for new EU research grant.Termination of my research projects was "justified" by shortage of funding at STUK.

This autumn/winter also ionizing radiation basic research at STUK was terminated. The whole Radiation Biology Laboratory will soon cease to exist. This is part of new push to transfer all basic research from government labs to universities. I am worried that it will "backfire" and, over time, radiation-related research will slowly vanish because there is not enough funding for it. University scientists, unlike government scientists, are free to select the topics and will do research there where funding is. Future will show whether my predictions are correct.

Finding a new job for an "over-educated", "over-specialized" and aging (I am 58) expert is not an easy task. At least I do not see it...


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