Vor 20 Jahren: NYT über Devra Davis (Allgemein)

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Am 15.12.1991 erschien in der New York Times ein Artikel über Devra Davis, ihre Vorträge und ihre Dispute mit anderen Wissenschaftlern wie Richard Doll.

Einige der Aussagen sind immer noch bemerkenswert aktuell.

I'M NOT ANXIOUS to be joined in any controversy with Dr. Davis," says Sir Richard Doll, who is speaking — ever so cautiously — on the record...
So is Davis wrong, or just unoriginal? "Both," says DolL "Both."

"There's no example of any cancer that requires longer than 15 or 20 years to reach a fairly high incidence as a result of exposure to a carcinogen. You're not going to have an epidemic occurring 30 years after first exposure."

Ames, who says cancer statistics are not a cause for alarm, keeps a file on Davis because "she's always coming out with something I disagree with." He says Davis's interpretations present ambiguous trends in the worst possible light.

It seems, at times, that Davis cannot count even on the support of her collaborators.
Alan D. Lopez, a statistician for the World Health Organization in Geneva, now claims he was "surprised" to see himself listed as a co-author of the Lancet article that pushed Davis into the spotlight His office provided the data for the paper and he sent Davis copious comments on it; he admits he noticed that his name was on several drafts, but he says the paper was published before he had a chance to tell Davis to take it off.

Lopez offers one explanation when he says Davis's work "is dangerous in the sense that it draws the principal public health concern away from cigarettes."

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