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23. FGF Workshop (in Kooperation mit dem Umweltministerium Baden/Württemberg)
"Hochfrequenzfelder und Gesundheit – Fazit nach 17 Jahren FGF" 23. - 25. November 2009 in Stuttgart

Der letzte Workshop der FGF in Kooperation mit dem Umweltministerium Baden-Württemberg beschäftigt sich mit zwei Themen: der aktuellen Forschung im Bereich hochfrequenter Felder und Gehirnprozesse, sowie einem Rückblick auf 17 Jahre FGF- und internationaler Forschung.

Im Abstract-Book gibt es auf Seite 16 eine interessante Kurzvorstellung von Leonore Heiland und Michael Süß, wie sie einer evtl. negativen Beeinflussung des menschlichen Körpers durch EMF auf die Spur kommen möchten.

Leonore Heiland1, Michael Süß2
1Westsächsische Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences) Zwickau, 2M-C-S Medizin Consult

The presentation shows a new approach in the research of influence of the human body system by weak electromagnetic fields.
Functional disorders of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) are an increasing medical problem in the western industrialised civilisations. They are mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle and rising overstimulation. The stimuli might be of a physical, psychological or energetic nature. The human body’s reaction is a stimulus response which is controlled by the functional regulation systems in order to adapt to the new situation. This response normally happens autonomously leaded by the nervous system together with hormonal and humoral activities.
The basic functions of the human body are controlled by the ANS which is the fundamental regulation system of the organism. The analysis of the regulation width is internationally established as “heart rate variability” (HRV). However, it is often unspecific to assess of HRV only from the bio signal heart rate. Hence, the new methodological approach for checking the vegetative regulation is the Bio Regulation Analysis (BRA) which also takes into account the breathing characteristics, the arterial blood pressure regulation and the
present emotional status.
At Zwickau University of Applied Sciences we realised first experiments to investigate the influence of electromagnetic fields on the bio regulation process with the help of that new approach. The research hypothesis was to show that a more sensitive indication of changes can be achieved by using bio regulation processes than by using other measurements like the EEG to prove changes.
Functional disorders and chronic diseases are normally coupled up with a distinctive sympathetic tonus. When an electromagnetic field is comprehended as a stressor and is insufficiently treated in the biological system, the sympathovagal balance is influenced which can lead to dysfunctions in the biological order. Because the bio regulation is always individual it is impossible to predict a person’s reaction to the disturbance factor. Hence, it is necessary to include previous liabilities in the design of the research and to develop a biopsycho-social model approach.
First experiments with bio regulation analysis showed individual changes that can be interpreted as reduction of vegetative regulation of the ANS. The tested probands are between 20 and 55 years old. The electromagnetic field was sent by horn antenna or broadband antenna with the frequency of 900 MHz pulsed by 217 Hz (D2 mobile phone).
The proband’s exposition was in a distance of 3 m from the antenna sitting in an up-right position opposite to the antenna. The exposition of electric field strengths were 40 V/m (strong field – critical value for exposition range 1) and 9 V/m (low field – safety value for exposition range 2). The measurements took place in a screened room with 120 dB attenuation.
Consequently, it is necessary to examine the system which is responsible for the general functions of the human organism; due to the fact that a stressor like an electromagnetic field influences the whole body.


Die Höhe der Exposition sollte jedoch beachtet werden !

FGF, Elektrosensibilität

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