Salford: Neuer Replikationsversuch nicht gescheitert ? (Forschung)

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Anderseits gibt es eine Studie:

Mobile and cordless telephones, serum transthyretin and the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier: a cross-sectional study
Environmental Health 2009, 8:19 doi:10.1186/1476-069X-8-19

Fredrik Söderqvist, Michael Carlberg, Lennart Hardell

Department of Oncology, University Hospital, SE-701 85 Örebro, Sweden
School of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Örebro, SE-701 82 Örebro, Sweden

Background: Whether low-intensity radiofrequency radiation damages the blood-brain barrier has long been debated, but little or no consideration has been given to the bloodcerebrospinal fluid barrier. In this cross-sectional study we tested whether long-term and/or
short-term use of wireless telephones was associated with changes in the serum transthyretin level, indicating altered transthyretin concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid, possibly reflecting an effect of radiation.

Conclusions: In this hypothesis-generating descriptive study time since first use of mobile telephones and DECT combined was significantly associated with higher TTR levels regardless of how much each telephone type had been used. Regarding short-term use, significantly higher TTR concentrations were seen in women the sooner blood was withdrawn after the most recent telephone call on that day.

Charles Claessens

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