Eine echte Sage: NTP, Hochfrequenz & Krebs (Forschung)

Gast, Freitag, 08.11.2019, 21:25 (vor 320 Tagen)

Auszug aus European Scientist vom 8. April 2019:

On November 1st, 2018, the US government research programme NTP [1] issued a press release on [2] the release of “final reports on studies in rats and mice on radio frequency radiation of the type used in 2G and 3G cellular telephony technologies” where a link between certain cancers and exposure to radiofrequency radiation was observed in male rats. As can be seen from the media fallout [3], this wording suggests that using a mobile phone can lead to cancer. However, while the modulation signals used correspond to those used for the 2G and 3G telephony networks, the exposure conditions tested are not at all comparable with the use of mobile telephony. Levels are well above current safety standards and the animals’ entire bodies were exposed. The purpose of these standards is to limit exposure levels to well below the threshold for health effects resulting from warming up living tissues. This publication thus requires some further explanation. [...]

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