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Im fernen Israel kommentiert Iris Atzmon die neue dänische Studie und weist auf einige Schwächen hin.

In Israel it was informed (two national newspapers, radio, internet and TV ) that the study was funded by very respected bodies - the Danish cancer society and the "Danish research consulship". When some critical readers reacted to the internet articles that this study must have been funded by the cellular companies, others replied that it can't be, because how can the Danish cancer society be related to the companies? No chance. NOT ONE WORD was said in the media about the industry involvment in this study.

The paid expert prof Yossi Riback who runs the environmental unit in the public health school of Tel Aviv university, told on the evening TV news that this study can be used to calm the public, and that it did not find any link, "PERIOD". He also said that the panic and hystery of the public is what causes damage to health. He is a tutor of Thesis and doctorats in the university.

The afternoon TV report said that the study did not include children, and that another study did show link to ear tumors, and that it is not a green light to use the phone 8 hours a day.

Dr. Sigal Sadezki was interviewed yesterday on the radio, from Texas, where she is now, about the Danish study and the Interphone. She said that the problem of the study is that they did not check whether the subscriber is also the talker, she also said that the same researchers are also in the INTERPHONE, She emphasized that the methodology of the study is different from the INTERPHONE methodology, because in the Danish study they did not speak with the people, and in the INTEHPHONE they did speak with them, and they devided the subjects to groups according to their phone use, as control groups. She said the results will be released "soon" and that the reason she cannot talk about it yet, is because it has not gone through peer review yet. Here are the internet versions of the reports as published in the printed newspapers:,7340,L-3336970,00.html


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